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Darling warned Cameron not to pursue EVEL following Scottish vote


The former chancellor warned that whilst the issue of Scottish MPs voting rights on English-only matters needed to be addressed, to link it with further powers to Holyrood risked putting the SNP back into the ascendency.

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Poll shows that Conservatives are now considered more right wing than UKIP


The ComRes survey suggests that Labour could lose centre-ground votes to Farage.

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An English Parliament would not deliver devolution for England

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It would in fact be Cameron’s constitutional turkey.

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The figures that should worry Labour

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Ed Balls’ task tomorrow will be to establish Labour as a party that can be trusted to get its hands back on the levers of power.

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Ed Miliband: coalition is squeezing the middle not the deficit


Miliband will say that Britain needs a recovery for working people if the government is to ‘squeeze the deficit and not the middle’.

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Policy groundhog day: On immigration, Cameron’s words were nothing new

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If you take the long view on immigration policy, the similarities between Cameron’s speech and the language of immigration over the last twenty five years are striking.

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Three good things and three bad things from Cameron’s immigration speech

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David Cameron’s immigration speech was more nuanced than it was briefed out beforehand. Rather than being yet another draconian crackdown, there were some welcome announcements. On that note, here are three good things and three bad things about the speech.

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Warning lights on the economy – let’s defend our record or pay the price

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By failing to stand up for their past successes, Labour are making it difficult for themselves to claim economic credibility.

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Five things we learnt at the G20 summit

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Climate change gained last minute status as a major global concern – but Ebola was off the table.

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EU benefit tourism was already banned – so what exactly is Cameron boasting about?

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The EU has always permitted restricting social security benefits to European migrants.

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