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Today’s EU climate deal means it will be harder for Westminster to blame Brussels for rising energy bills

Fossil Fuels ncrj

One positive effect of today’s European deal is that it should be more difficult for MPs to deflect attention onto the faceless bogie-man that is ‘Brussels’.

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Cameron must not cave in to UKIP pressure at the EU climate change summit

Fossil Fuels ncrj

The argument put forward by Tory and UKIP dinosaurs is fundamentally flawed.

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The spat over the Welsh NHS gets ugly


Jeremy Hunt has been accused of telling a ’tissue of lies’ over the health service in Wales.

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Integration should be the focus of immigration policy, not posturing

Migration uk-JPEG

Poverty and job insecurity are more strongly associated with support for UKIP than migration.

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Until recently the Tories said Jose Manuel Barroso’s views were ‘definitive’

Barroso ncr

When the European Commission president agrees with David Cameron his views are ‘definitive’.

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Cameron’s welfare plans risk making young people homeless

Job Centre2j

Without the safety net of a welfare system, many under-25s have no other means of supporting themselves.

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On any objective test the Green Party should be in the leaders’ debates

Green Party

Yesterday the broadcasters unveiled a proposal for televised leaders’ debates that fails basic tests of fairness and balance.

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Cameron rules out funding changes for Wales

David Cameron ncr1j

David Cameron’s ongoing battle over the future of devolution continues unabated as he opens yet another area of tension, this time with Wales.

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Why the Tories are wrong to compare benefit increases with average earnings

Money no copyrightj

Cameron is blaming those on benefits for his government’s failure to grow the economy and control inflation.

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Miliband’s problem isn’t having the wrong ‘look’

Ed Miliband non copyrightj

What, ultimately, will Labour be about in the coming years?

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