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David Cameron is strangling the NHS. One promise doesn’t change that


Despite Cameron’s GP pledge, the National Health Service looks as precarious as ever in Tory hands.

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Another Tory housing gimmick

David Cameron ncrj

Cameron’s housing announcement is his latest attempt to wear Mrs Thatcher’s clothes.

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Killing people rarely kills their ideas

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Our best hope of reducing the numbers radicalised would be to champion a foreign policy based on clear principles.

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Why the West keeps getting it wrong on Iraq

Iraq ncrj

If bombing was the answer to extremism, Gaza would be the safest region on Earth. As a coalition of Nations look set to begin US-led airstrikes against Islamic State let’s ask the simple question – why does history keep repeating itself in Iraq?

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Conference 2014: Labour is losing credibility on devolution

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On English votes for English laws, Labour has been caught like a rabbit in the headlights.

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David Cameron is already stoking the fires of Scottish nationalism

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Scotland may have been persuaded to stick with the UK, but the unity that brought Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems together looks set to unravel quickly.

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We should stand with the prime minister in tackling the threat of ISIS

David Cameron ncrj

The prime minster needs the support of Muslim communities in the struggle against ISIS.

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Is Lord Hill’s appointment really a ‘victory for Britain’?

CamJuncker ncrj

The tendency to see EU policy as a battle between competing nations should be more problematic for the left.

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David Cameron ‘significantly misrepresented’ statistics on foreign workers

David Cameron ncrj

In an article for the Daily Telegraph earlier this year, David Cameron ‘significantly misrepresented’ statistics about the number of British jobs going to foreign workers.

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The UK must not fall for the Putin smokescreen

Reactionaries from Sir Edward Lewigh to the Stop the War Coalition want us to forget the crimes, past and present, of Putin – and we absolutely should not

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