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There are alternatives to the government’s slash and burn policies

There are alternative ways of managing public finances that aren’t reliant on more savage cuts.

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Worst cuts yet to come, warns Institute for Fiscal Studies


Britain faces at least five years of savage pending cuts if deficit reduction plans announced by chancellor George Osborne are enacted, according to the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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IFS: Tories will need to put up taxes or make bigger spending cuts after election

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The bombshell will come as a boost to Labour ahead of conference season.

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Government treatment of non-dependants: the scandal of poverty wages

Thomas Stephens explains how the Coalition are doing nothing to address poverty wages while hurting non-dependants hard

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The brutal impact of austerity on Scotland’s public services

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Scotland’s budget is being slashed by more than £6 billion in real terms.

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Britain’s economic growth is not a sign that austerity works

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The economic recovery is due to a “combination of the depth of the hole it found itself in, the moderation in the trend toward deeper and deeper austerity and the effects of possibly bubble-creating government loans”, according to former United States secretary of the treasury Larry Summers.

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Government slammed for giving ‘false impression’ of flood investment

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The government has been accused (£) by the head of the UK Statistics Authority of giving a misleading impression of how much it has invested in flood defence.

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Brighton Greens’ council tax move shows the fight against austerity is on

Brighton Greens are to hold a referendum to let local people choose between cuts or paying a pound a week extra tax.

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3 things the government *is* doing about flooding

The government, and Owen Paterson in particular, have been criticised for not doing enough about flooding. Here, then, are three things they are doing.

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Breaking Barriers: overcoming the barriers disadvantaged families face to engaging with children’s centres

TweetLaura Rodrigues is Policy Officer for The Children’s Society The creation of Sure Start children’s centres to provide a local hub of integrated services and support for families with young children, was one of the most inventive and far-reaching government initiatives of the last twenty years. At The Children’s Society  we currently provide over 40 […]

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