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Fitch warns of ‘uncertainty’ over SNP plans for currency union

The credit ratings agency Fitch has warned of instability if an independent Scotland were to remain part of a currency union with the UK.

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Osborne in 2009: We must “sit up and listen”; 2012: ‘plays down threat’ to AAA rating

In 2009, George Osborne said we need to “sit up and listen” to the threat to the UK’s AAA rating; today, he has tried to ‘play down the threat’ to our rating.

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Memo to EU leaders: If austerity fails, it’s austerity’s fault – not that of workers’ rights

Europe needs an alternative vision and this has to be done by putting faith in people, rather putting faith in the “elites” and destroying social rights.

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Eurozone crisis: A threat or a promise from the credit rating agencies?

Ben Fox runs over the latest in the eurozone crisis from Brussels.

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Osborne’s ‘safe haven’ view is delusional

Osborne’s statement to parliament on recent economic volatility was pervaded by inaccuracy, complacency and vainglory.

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The current crisis: brought to you politician by inaction and unaccountable credit rating agencies

One must now ask whether we are headed for another round of financial crisis similar to 2008 followed by a major world recession or depression.

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