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Five crazy ideas from the Tories’ new policy chiefs

Last week it was announced that the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) was to lead the Conservative Party’s policy development. The aim, according to the CPS press release, is to “feed through new ideas for both immediate implementation and the next Conservative manifesto in 2015″.

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CPS set to quintuple tax evasion prosecutions

The CPS is set to increase the number of tax evasion cases it prosecutes fivefold to 1,500 a year by 2014-15.

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Relaxing worker protection to boost employment belongs to the last century

Declan Gaffney runs down the reasons why we shouldn’t expect any more employment if we cut workers’ rights.

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The madness of more of the same

The gravest global economic crisis since the 1930s was clearly a crisis of the private sector – yet it is the public sector which is getting the blame and must be cut.

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