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High inflation set to continue into 2014

The stubborn nature of inflation stops the Bank of England from acting, pushes living costs further up and is seemingly ignored by the government.

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The chancellor should not increase benefits by less than today’s inflation figure

Not increasing benefits by 2.2 per cent in April next year would be wrong and more evidence we are most definitely not all in it together, writes Tony Dolphin.

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The IFS is feeding the trolls what they want to hear on pensions

Nigel Stanley assess the IFS’ green budget report, and finds that they are understating the effect of pension changes.

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Government gold-plates private pensions while cutting public ones

Cormac Hollingsworth reveals the government’s two-faced attitude to pensions; gold-plate the private sector ones, while cutting those of the public sector.

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Inflation is worse for the worst off

Left Foot Forward’s Alex Hern explains why the 5.2 per cent inflation figure is far lower than that actually experienced by the poorest in society.

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Is this the least ‘family friendly’ government ever?

Tim Horton and Howard Reed analyse the effect the budget will have on families, looking at whether this is the least ‘family friendly’ government ever.

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