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JRF: Council tax benefit – the sting in the tail

Katie Schmuecker, research manager for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, looks at the sting in the tail of council tax benefit.

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Birmingham’s widening “jaws of doom”

Birmingham’s Labour-run council is facing a £625 million deficit by 2016/2017. Budget cuts of up to 50% are planned. What public services will survive?

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Comment: We need a clearer vision for the future of local government

TweetCllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council It has been refreshing and invigorating to see serious debate in the Labour movement about the long term future of local government in the wake of yet another disastrous settlement from Eric Pickles. Labour local authorities have been beacons of hope for residents over the past two years, […]

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A “system gone crazy”: Tory cuts force London councils to send homeless to Wales

Tory cuts are forcing London local authorities into making preparations to relocate homeless families outside of the capital – as far away as Wales.

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Too many councillors leaving leaves councils too homogeneous

Tulip Siddiq and Peter Allen assess the reasons why councillors don’t stay in the job.

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Out in the cold on Christmas day: The growing homelessness crisis

Christmas is just three days away, but thousands of people, particularly young people, will be out on the street on Christmas Day, writes Rory Weal.

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We need more female councillors for everyone’s benefit

Tulip Siddiq argues that increasing the number of female councillors should be a priority for a number of reasons, from justice, through to the positive effects it will have on policy and the outcome it will have in Westminster.

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Councils and Whitehall must work together to avoid a homelessness epidemic

Central and local government are going to have to have to work together and invest in housing if we are to avoid a homelessness epidemic, writes Anna Turley.

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Another day, another Tory council planning to charge kids to play

Shamik Das reports on Tory-run Bexley council’s plans to charge kids to use a playground – following on from Tory Wandsworth’s plans to do the same last month.

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Priced out of the playground: Tory Wandsworth to charge kids to play

Conservative-controlled Wandsworth council is planning to charge children £2.50 each to use Battersea Park adventure playground at weekends, reports Shamik Das.

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