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The mansion tax: how to make it work for Londoners

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By introducing a mansion tax based on the last sale price of a property, rather than the current market value, the tax would hit only those who could afford to pay it, writes Tom Copley.

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PM causes ‘serious confusion and upset’ on flooding, claims Welsh minister

Flooding Walesj

The prime minister has been criticised for announcing plans to provide a council tax rebate to families hit by flooding without clarifying that the rebates would be available in England only.

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Brighton Greens’ council tax move shows the fight against austerity is on

Brighton Greens are to hold a referendum to let local people choose between cuts or paying a pound a week extra tax.

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Scottish council tax freeze benefits rich at expense of the poor

Scotland’s council tax freeze is harming local public services and benefiting the wealthy the most, undermining the Scottish government’s assertion that the policy is a “vital lifeline to hard pressed Scots”.

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JRF: Council tax benefit – the sting in the tail

Katie Schmuecker, research manager for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, looks at the sting in the tail of council tax benefit.

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Council tax benefit reforms will hit working-age adults in poverty

Council tax benefit reforms will cut the original amounts available by 10%, leaving working-age adults worse off.

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Boris’s 9-point plan is a bridge to nowhere

Andrew Dismore, Labour’s GLA candidate for Camden and Barnet, takes apart London Mayor Boris Johnson’s 9-point “Plan for London”.

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Council tax freeze is a tax cut for the rich

Pete Challis explains how much more the rich benefit from a council tax freeze than the poor do.

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How Pickles’s brutal council tax benefit reforms will pulverise the working-age poor

Pickles’ council tax benefit reform will disproportionaly affect the working-age population, incentivise local authorities to push poor people out to neighbouring boroughs, will penalise councils of poorer areas and create a patchwork of inconsistent systems.

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Eric Pickles uses council tax map to lead us astray

Katie Schmuecker takes apart communities secretary Eric Pickles’s attempt to muddy the water over the fairness of regional council tax rates.

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