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Labour has betrayed its supporters on the welfare cap

TweetThe Tory austerity drive – bound up as it is in the barefaced lie that Britain was brought low in 2008 by benefit scroungers and not reckless bankers – was never about fixing the economy. It was about shrinking the state. As such, it was hardly surprising to see Cameron’s Etonian class warriors lining up […]

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UK Labour lovebomb Wales

cardiff bay

Shadow Welsh Secretary, Owen Smith, has launched a scathing attack on the UK Government for launching a politically motivated “war on Wales” to shore up their position in England.

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The Trussell Trust supplies 600,000 emergency parcels in nine months

Food banksj

New figures released by the Trussell Trust show that the food bank charity provided emergency parcels containing three days food more than 600,000 times between April and December last year.

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David Cameron is surrounded by climate deniers

David Cameron polar bearj

The Tory party is rife with climate change sceptics.

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Labour failing to tackle Conservative myths on the economy, claims Welsh MP

Labour MP Geraint Davies has warned that the party has not done enough to tackle the line that Labour is responsible for the country’s economic mess.

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Proponents of Trident are trapped in a bygone era

The argument for keeping the Trident nuclear deterrent boils down to the following: by getting rid of Trident Britain will lose its position as a leading world power; it will also leave the country open to attack by hostile powers.

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Taking control of the economic debate: Why Labour should commit to a mass house building programme and a living wage

Labour should challenge the Tories to match pledges on house building and the living wage. We will see then if they really are on the side of those who want to work hard and ‘get on’.

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Five reasons conservatives should support gay marriage

There are some very good reasons why conservatives should back gay marriage. Left Foot Forward has come up with five.

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Clegg: “Dishonest, hypocritical” Labour behaving like a party “not serious about government”

Nick Clegg today attacked Labour for their “dishonest, hypocritical” decision to vote with the Tory EU rebels last night, reports Shamik Das.

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Con 2012: What does Jeremy Hunt have in store for the NHS?

Debbie Abrahams MP, PPS to the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham and chair of the PLP health committee, looks at what Jeremy Hunt has in store for the NHS.

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