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Birmingham’s widening “jaws of doom”

Birmingham’s Labour-run council is facing a £625 million deficit by 2016/2017. Budget cuts of up to 50% are planned. What public services will survive?

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The economic costs and real life consequences of the social housing crunch

Ahead of the Autumn Statement, Kevin Gulliver looks at the costs – economic and human – of the social housing crunch.

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Reshuffle: Transport and communities: Where next for the ‘greenest government ever’?

Richard Hebditch of the Campaign for Better Transport reflects on the reshuffle changes at the departments for communities and transport.

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Pickles’ Plan to deal with “120,000 trouble families” in a tailspin

Eric Pickles’ proposals to deal with ‘troubled families’ is a rehash of a New Labour policy, but served on bed of dubious spin kicking the poor and public sector workers.

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Responses to gang culture: The need for localised strategies

Youth crime remains endemic in deprived urban areas. Communities must develop inclusive, youth-led strategies to tackle the gangs, writes a Labour councillor.

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Councils and Whitehall must work together to avoid a homelessness epidemic

Central and local government are going to have to have to work together and invest in housing if we are to avoid a homelessness epidemic, writes Anna Turley.

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Glasman: Businesses want Labour and the unions to be “partners in growth”

Maurice Glasman says businesses “do not think the coalition government is serious about growth”; they think Labour and the unions should be “partners in growth”.

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Relationships must be the heart of Labour’s revival as a social movement

Becoming a social movement has sound principles and is smart politics – it should be where Labour organisationally steals a march on our rival parties in government.

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Boris can take the lead on entry-level jobs for the young unemployed

The Mayor of London should explain what he is doing to provide entry-level jobs for young people locked out of the workforce. The scale of the problem is huge.

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Ladies of the WI join the ranks of the bolshy book borrowers

Kevin Meagher reports on the launch of the Women’s Institute’s ‘Love your Libraries’ campaign, and the other nationwide campaigns to save our libraries.

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