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ODI finds that the impact of climate finance is ‘largely positive’

Climate change

New report states that investors need to be less risk- averse if they are to scale up the benefits of their funding.

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Too little too late from Cameron as the Green Climate Fund barely meets its targets

The green investment bank and related measures has faced a mixed reaction from the environmental community

Critics of Cameron’s environmental pledge should be reminded that the UK’s contribution is actually very small.

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Five things we learnt at the G20 summit

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Climate change gained last minute status as a major global concern – but Ebola was off the table.

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Why Labour is right to push for tougher fracking regulation

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However its proposals for tougher regulation go nowhere near far enough.

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Carbon emissions must hit zero by 2100, warns urgent UN report

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TweetUN warns of new deadline for climate change action It is extremely likely that rising sea levels, diminishing snow and ice and warmer oceans are the result of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a comprehensive new assessment released in Copenhagen on Sunday. The report, published by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), emphasises […]

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Today’s EU climate deal means it will be harder for Westminster to blame Brussels for rising energy bills

Fossil Fuels ncrj

One positive effect of today’s European deal is that it should be more difficult for MPs to deflect attention onto the faceless bogie-man that is ‘Brussels’.

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Renewables are the future: get on board, or get out of the way

wind turbine

Over the last year renewables have been breaking records.

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Coalition policy on fossil fuels is a shambles

Fossil Fuels ncrj

Whether by accident or design, the government has drastically improved the economics of keeping our outdated coal fleet open.

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What the coalition is doing on solar power and why you should care

Solar ncrj

There’s jobs and growth in renewables, we just need a clear path to get there.

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Labour’s green policies are warming up, but its economics lag behind

Caroline Flint ncrj

If action on climate change is urgent, why is it hard for politicians to spend a bit of money on it?

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