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Band Aid may be nauseating, but does it even matter?


Is anybody seriously suggesting that those fighting Ebola don’t accept Geldof’s contribution?

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In defence of the ice bucket challenge against the killjoys

Ice bucket challenge ncrj

Only about one in 10 people actually pay up after doing the ice bucket challenge. But that’s still a lot of money.

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Opinion: In defence of the #NoMakeUpSelfie


Patrick English argues that criticisms of the #NoMakeUpSelfie campaign are misplaced and we should support a movement which is doing so much good.

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Have charities become too corporate?

Many charities have long ceased to challenge the powers that be.

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Cameron told the big society is “effectively dead”

TweetToday, Cameron’s flagship policy, the big society, has suffered a serious blow; a leading charity figure has described it as being “effectively dead”. Sir Stephen Bubb, head of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, damned the big society agenda as a result of spending cuts in charity funding and reforms. Cameron’s rhetoric of […]

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The Salvation Army, stepping in to help those who have the least

With discussion of the voluntary sector’s role in welfare provision rife, one writer examines the work of the Salvation Army, and the difficulties it faces.

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It’s time to take mental ill health seriously

Ed Jacobs argues that the focus on mental health in the NHS bill purely in terms of government defeats shows that paucity of attention which it garners normally

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Big Society’s verdict on Cameron: Incoherent and unpromising

Alex Hern looks at the results of Third Sector’s poll of charities, and finds that they have little confidence in Cameron.

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Rhythmix: social rights, corporate wrongs, and the X-Factor trademark battle

Mark Davyd explains how Simon Cowell attempted to wreck his charity by copyrighting a name they’d used for years, and is now making them pay £8,000 fees.

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Memo to Cameron: The rich give less to charity

The rich give less to charity than the poor, making David Cameron’s Tory mission to roll back the frontiers of the state are deeply, deeply regressive.

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