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The Catholic Church should embrace the world we live in, but so far a different tone looks a world away

The Catholic church was back in the news this weekend with the story of Cardinal O’Brien’s ‘exile’. It’s a story that’s unlikely to go away any time soon. And given that O’Brien remains Britain’s most senior Catholic, it’s one that has wider relevance. It’s been argued that he should be left alone. But we should all be concerned that the complaints made against him are properly investigated and that appropriate action is taken.

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Is liberation theology about to make a comeback with the next pope?

The frontrunner to be the next pope has criticised neo-liberalism and called on the rich world to do more to help the poor.

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Opinion divided over Ratzinger’s legacy

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI divides opinion in the media.

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Could a progressive black Cardinal signal the Vatican’s Obama moment?

Could the next Pope be a black progressive? Left Foot Forward looks at the favourites to take over from Pope Benedict XVI.

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Bonfire Night bigotry is alive and well in Lewes

The gunpowder plot, four hundred plus years ago, was a violent reaction against incredible intolerance; tonight in Lewes, we have moved on less than we thought.

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New study of Orange Order exposes bigotry at the core

Kevin Meagher writes about the stunning new study on Orange Order attitudes in Northern Ireland

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Anti-Catholic bigotry in Scotland on the rise; all religious hate crimes up 10%

Religious hate crimes in Scotland have surged 10 per cent in the last year, according to research released today by the Scottish government, reports Kevin Meagher.

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Beware of pushing Catholics out of the progressive club

Kevin Meagher on why it would be a mistake for liberals and those on the left to push Catholics out of the progressive club with their anti-Papal rhetoric.

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