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The fall-out from the carbon bubble bursting could devastate Scotland

Carbon bubblej

Scotland might become the ‘Saudi Arabia of renewables’, as Salmond has promised, but that will mean little unless we stop being the Scotland of oil.

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Half of Telegraph readers belief climate change a ‘natural phenomenon’. 98% of scientists disagree

On the back of chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee Tim Yeo’s comments that climate change may not be man-made after all, the Telegraph have done a poll asking its readers if they think the same.

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Britain one of only four EU states which saw emissions increase in 2012

The UK was one of just four EU states that saw an increase in carbon emissions between 2011 and 2012, according to a new report.

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We must not let irresponsible deniers delay urgent action on climate change

The motivating factor for many climate sceptical bloggers and columnists is often an ideological dislike of government intervention – but the route to lower energy bills requires exactly that.

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Energy of the future: Transforming Germany’s energy system

Ensuring a reliable, economically viable and environment-friendly energy supply is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. In 2011 Germany embarked on an ambitious programme to transform its energy system. In future, Germany’s energy supply will be generated primarily from renewables.

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Target to decarbonise power sector by 2030 could save every British family over £1,000

New analysis published today by the independent Committee on Climate Change shows that every family in Britain could save at least £1,131 and as much as £4,525 if the government adopted a target to decarbonise the power sector by 2030.

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The web of political influence that is fueling climate change

When one third of government ministers have links to either the fossil fuel industry itself or to financial sector firms dependent on high carbon investments, the likelihood of meaningful government regulation of the City’s fossil fuel funding shenanigans look slim.

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On carbon, why is George so hung up on the fax and not the facts?

Will Tim Yeo’s amendment on carbon make it into the Energy Bill – or will George Osborne again thwart the green path?

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Graphic: The increase in energy bills – and how the rise might be steeper without efficiency measures

The majority (83%) of the increase in energy bills is from wholesale and supplier costs, with less than a fifth (19%) due to low-carbon policies.

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Now energy companies warn Osborne: Go green or we’ll leave Britain

Seven major energy companies employing 17,500 workers in Britain are threatening to withdraw hundreds of millions of pounds of investment.

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