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Canada’s newest union to dedicate 10% to organising

Canada’s newest union, Unifor the Union, aims to fight Canada’s anti-trade union legislation.

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Canada provides a shining example of how to regulate payday lenders

The chorus of disapproval is starting to become deafening on payday lending. However Canada shows that another model of payday lender regulation is possible.

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Net closing on Canadian PM as key ally resigns

The resignation of the Canadian minister for aboriginal affairs leaves prime minister Steve Harper more exposed to criticism over the country’s treatment of the aboriginal community.

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Lessons from Canada for Scotland’s constitutional debate

Shadow Scotland Office minister William Bain MP looks at the lessons we should learn from Canada for Scotland’s constitutional debate.

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Idle No More – Canada’s indigenous citizens fight for their rights

Claudia Tomlinson writes for Left Foot Forward on the relatively unknown, but no less unjust, treatment of indigenous peoples in Canada.

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Cameron must speak out against Canada’s anti-gay marriage ruling

James Hallwood writes about Canada’s awful legal ruling, which retrospectively annulled thousands of marriages, and calls on Cameron to fight it.

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Durban’s a letdown, Canada’s a dropout, and Russia’s leaking methane

Alex Hern rounds up the latest news from the Durban climate change sujmmit, and the latest environment news from around the world.

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Reality check on star chambers and fiscal deficits: A view from Canada

The Canadian experience shows that a government needs to get much more creative and draconian than that – but the UK anything near the level of intergovernmental transfers ripe for the cutting.

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