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A living wage for fast food: BFAWU leaders speak out

Inspired by mass organisation in the US, UK fast food workers are beginning to mobilise for a better pay deal

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Campaigns: Ensuring MPs stick to their 2030 Carbon Target promises

Social media is increasingly being used by activists to hold politicians to promises they have made in the past. This time those MPs who promised to back the 2013 Carbon Target amendment to the Energy Bill are being encouraged to stick to their promises via Twitter.

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Taking on the energy giants: The co-operative insurgency gains ground

The roots of the co-operative movement lie in providing an alternative to unscrupulous providers; it was made for the fight against the energy oligopoly.

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38 Degrees’ energy campaign will be half baked without co-ops

On their ‘Big Switch’ energy campaign, 38 Degrees should think a little more about how they add “sustainable” to their aspiration for “change”.

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Déjà vu as Scottish referendum campaign turns nasty

Alex Salmond unveiled the Scottish government’s referendum plans today, calling it the “most exciting in Scotland’s modern history”; we look ahead to the campaign.

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