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From Russia to ISIS, NATO needs to act

The President’s recent admission that he has no strategy on ISIS spoke volumes to the lacklustre response to current crises

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The right is split – good news for the left

David Cameron, the Member for Brussels Central, has run out of ways to lie to his eurosceptic backbenchers – rejoice!

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Opinion: Russia’s attitude over Syria is significantly affected by West’s deception over Libya

Russia’s opposition to military action in Syria is partly the result of it feeling deceived over the UN vote to intervene in Libya two years ago, argues Tom London.

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CBI chief slams Salmond on Independence and Cameron on EU

Fresh doubts over the economic consequences of an independent Scotland have been raised, with a warning that it risks facing “economic dislocation”.

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Comment: How the government’s reforms to legal aid and judicial reviews are disenfranchising the poorest and will destroy confidence in the judiciary

TweetMichael Higgs is a Law student at the University of Sheffield One of the basic tenets of any democratic society is ensuring that all classes have access to the legislature, executive and the judiciary. However, thanks to the government’s reforms to our legal services, some of the most vulnerable in our society face a disenfranchisement […]

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The Coalition: take two

TweetTo put it mildly, last year was not a good one for the Coalition. The Conservative Party dropped nine points in the polls and was divided over gay marriage and the EU. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats battled UKIP for third place in opinion polls and Nick Clegg’s attempt to apologise for the rise in Tuition […]

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Two cheers for government’s new energy tariff policy

David Cameron has finally made his energy policy position clearer – it turns out it is somewhere near to suggestions from IPPR.

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The two graphs that show why the Tories are not trusted on the NHS

“The proportion of people saying they were satisfied with the way the NHS is run has fallen from 70 per cent in 2010 to 58 per cent last year – the biggest drop recorded since the survey began almost 30 years ago.

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Week Outside Westminster: Is Cameron a separatist sleeper-cell?

Ed Jacobs presents the round-up of the week in the rest of the UK, outside of the tiny Westminster bubble

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Cameron heads north, Salmond heads south and Mervyn’s living in the future

Ed Jacobs reports on Cameron’s attempts to save the union, and Salmond’s attempts to scupper it

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