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Scotland Decides: the referendum in numbers

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As voters go to the polls across Scotland, Left Foot Forward has looked at the referendum campaign in numbers.

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To tackle Islamist extremism, we must rekindle pride in the British traditions of dissent, democracy and solidarity

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The barbarism of IS can never be justified. Yet it is incumbent on political leaders in Britain to try to explain and tackle the very real appeal that fighting in Syria exerts for some.

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The image of the British Tommy is an iconic one, but doesn’t tell the full story

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Black, Indian, Chinese, gay, mixed race – all fought for a country at a time when it treated them as second-class citizens.

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Assad’s transformation from potential knight to villain in the eyes of the West

Britain’s view of President Assad has transformed over the years, but the West still hasn’t learnt lessons about supporting dictators around the world.

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Britain set to send “sizeable amount” of troops to back France as Mali donor conference opens

David Cameron has said Britain is prepared to send a “sizeable amount” of troops in support of French forces battling Islamist militias in Mali.

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Jobs, fighting crime, a bigger voice, rights, the environment… We’re better off in the EU

Amidst the debate on the EU budget, here are five key areas in which Britain benefits from membership of the EU.

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It’s our culture, stupid

A new Fabian pamphlet, published yesterday, calls on Labour to reach out to an increasingly socially conservative electorate with visions of a fairer society.

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French leaders attack Cameron’s “red carpet” invite to tax exiles as Carr gets owned

David Cameron has been attacked for his “red carpet” invite to tax dodgers, while Jimmy Carr has suffered a backlash after it was revealed he is a tax avoider.

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The three welfare amendments the Lords must fight for

Alex Hern gives their noble lordships pointers on how to avoid completely wrecking life for disabled people in Britain

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German lessons for the British economy

Tony Burke argues that the government has many lessons to learn from Germany, and presents a new report from the TUC which aims to do just that.

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