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The MIPIM property fair: everything that is wrong with regeneration in London

Housing fair

At a time when millions of Londoners need affordable housing, local authorities are knocking it down and replacing it with luxury flats.

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Big questions for Boris in light of fireworks ticketing fiasco

Fireworks ncrj

Despite prior warnings about ticket touting, little was done to stop widespread abuse.

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Boris breaks another promise by refusing to rule out Tory leadership bid while Mayor

If Londoners wanted an insight into the Mayor’s motives and his slippery character, this is surely it.

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It’s time Boris and TfL acted on sexual harassment on London transport

Tube ncrj

There was a 30 per cent increase in reported incidents of sexual harassment on the capital’s transport system this year compared to last.

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Boris’s failure on police numbers has left a gaping hole at the heart of the Met

Police ncrj

Despite his election pledges, Boris Johnson has dismantled neighbourhood policing.

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Boris’ Europe report: what can we learn?

Boris ncrj

Good for rich investors and big business, less so for everyone else.

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Boris fever highlights the undemocratic nature of ‘safe seats’

Boris Johnson ncrj

As the case of Boris Johnson demonstrates, safe seats are treated like aristocratic estates.

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Boris’s message is more popular than you think. The left must be ready for it

Boris Johnson cycling-JPEG

In assuming the public simply likes Boris because they find him ‘funny’, critics misunderstand his appeal.

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The Tory tax bombshell that would clobber middle earners

Money no copyrightj

A senior Tory at the heart of government policymaking has let slip that the Conservatives are considering a new tax plan which could hammer middle and low earners.

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Is Boris really happy to destroy one of the most important bird habitats in Britain?

Boris Johnsonj

The Mayor’s pet plan risks destroying an important wildlife habitat.

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