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Labour and Lib Dems could benefit from Boris’s airports fetish

John Stewart, chair of AirportWatch, writes about the potential electoral consequences of Boris Johnson’s lust for more airports and runways in the South East.

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Even if people prefer a 3rd runway to Boris Island, doesn’t mean they like either

Airport Watch presents the actual evidence around the expansion of airport capacity. It doesn’t bode well for airports.

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Cameron: I’m backing Boris (Island)

John Stewart of AirportWatch argues that the announcement of Cameron’s support for an island estuary airport owes nothing to its efficacy and everything to political gamesmanship

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Expensive and ineffective: Boris Johnson’s island airport (even Tories think so)

John Stewart of AirportWatch explains why even other Tories, from Gideon Osborne down, are privately briefing against Boris Island: it’s a ridiculous idea.

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