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Yes, the mega-rich did postpone their bonuses to avoid 50p tax

This month’s labour market statistics continue the same pattern we have seen in recent months: small improvements in overall employment and unemployment but youth unemployment and long-term unemployment not going anywhere much.

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Big pay rises at top British companies

The 100 best-paid chief executives of British companies were paid £4.3 million each on average last year, an increase of 13 per cent on 2011, research has found.

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Rail network has ‘deteriorated’ despite fare increases and large executive salaries

Despite inflation-busting fair increases and big salaries for its executives, a report by the Office of Rail Regulation has produced a damning report on the state of the railways.

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Revealed: the pay gap at Britain’s top firms

Left Foot Forward looks at the pay gap between best paid and worst paid at some of Britain’s best known firms.

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Network Rail fat cats to trouser £1.7m in bonuses – as fares skyrocket 11%

Three Network Rail bosses, who already earn between £360,000 and £560,000, will receive £300,000 each in “golden handcuff” payments to keep them at the company.

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Border Agency bonuses for failure show why select committees need more power

The Border Agency handing out big bonuses against the recommendations of the home affairs committee highlights the need for greater Parliamentary powers.

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Vince Cable’s efforts to moderate executive pay under attack

Opposition to the Business Secretary’s plans is misguided – the interests of business and the interests of executives are not always the same thing.

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It isn’t “anti-business” to oppose high pay for mediocrity

One Society’s Larissa Hansford argues that businesspeople don’t know the first thing about what is and isn’t “anti-business”.

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Rewards for failure continue at the top of industry

Alex Hern examines the common link between the appalling bad RBS quarter, and the appallingly good Centrica one: Rewards for failure.

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On the Financial Transaction Tax, why is Osborne on the side of the one per cent?

Today Dr Rowan Williams came out in support of a Financial Transaction Tax – yet George Osborne still opposes the tax that would raise billions for the poor.

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