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Pensions – an unfinished revolution

Before Mrs Thatcher destroyed Britain’s post-war pension consensus, Beveridge had given us a decent state pension that kept up with earnings, and Barbara Castle had added an earnings related state pension (SERPS) to those whose employers did not provide a decent workplace pension on top.

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Beveridge, the Royal baby and Osborne’s sickening ‘scrounger’ rhetoric

George Osborne’s proposals to make real term cuts to welfare and the impending arrival of a new Royal baby – two things that are inextricably linked.

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Where is Labour on welfare?

Vincenzo Rampulla asks what the real Beveridge heritage is, and whether shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne is going the right way to achieving it.

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The weirdness at the core of Universal Credit

As the details emerge of the government’s big ticket welfare reform, the introduction of Universal Credit, it looks as if for once the hubristic language might be justified.

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