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Bedroom Tax has cost low-income families an average of £1,260


Commons vote will be held today to determine the future of the Bedroom Tax.

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Do Tory benefit cuts impact on children’s rights?


A new report suggests that young people identify several infringements of their rights in George Osborne’s economic policies.

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The Tories have overspent by £25 billion on social security

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Figures show that the DWP overspend comes despite debilitating cuts to working people and families.

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The real reason the Lib Dems U-turned on the Bedroom Tax

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The Bedroom Tax U-turn is about dire Lib Dem poll ratings, not principles.

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This government has been a disaster for disabled people

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Under this government, disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty as non disabled people.

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Was the aim of the bedroom tax always to shift debt from the government to benefit claimants?

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The bedroom tax might be the clearest example of the coalition punishing the poor for the financial crisis.

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People hit by Bedroom Tax choosing between eating and heating

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People hit by the hated Bedroom Tax are choosing between eating and heating, with three quarters cutting back on food bills, according to a new report.

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Majority of SNP MPs absent from bedroom tax vote

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Just two Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) MPs turned up to vote against the bedroom tax in the House of Commons earlier today after a prosal to repeal the tax was put forward by Labour MP Ian Lavery.

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Never mind the 50p top rate: these five cuts really are a false economy

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Five self-defeating cuts which are not only unfair, but fail on the coalition’s own criteria of deficit-reduction.

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Holyrood versus Whitehall on the Bedroom Tax

The Scottish and UK governments are on a collision course over the bedroom tax.

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