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Has Boris blunder handed Barclays £10m free advertising?

Boris bikesj

It appears the Mayor has presided over an almighty fiasco.

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Revealed: the pay gap at Britain’s top firms

Left Foot Forward looks at the pay gap between best paid and worst paid at some of Britain’s best known firms.

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Lack of bank arrests vindicates St Paul’s decision to remove Occupy

With the early removal of Occupy, the established church is safe from anyone in Occupy’s tent becoming the next Martin Luther

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Parliamentary motion calls on Barclays’s senior staff to stop fundraising for Romney

The row over Mitt Romney’s links with Barclays has entered a new phase with a Parliamentary Early Day Motion tabled today by a Labour MP.

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Romney’s bankerlove extends as Barclays lobbyist raises $184k for Presidential campaign

Mitt Romney is making no secret of his allegiances with the banking sector. Does he really think this will win him the election?

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Obscene: Romney to host $75,000 London fundraiser – hosted by a lobbyist for Barclays

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is to host a private fundraising dinner in London on the eve of the Olympics – at a cost of up to $75,000 a head.

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Boris Johnson argues against bank regulation, misses the point

The PM’s spokesman thinks Barclays understands public concerns, while Boris Johnson says the Libor scandal is funny. Could the Tories please get back in touch?

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Calls grow for an independent banking inquiry, after MPs give Diamond easy ride

Yesterday’s three-hour grilling of Bob Diamond has done nothing to change the minds of those calling for an independent judge-led inquiry.

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Miliband attacks “slow to act, bankrolled by the banks” Cameron at PMQs

Ed Miliband and David Cameron clashed over the need for a full banking inquiry at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

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David Cameron: Once enraged over rioters, now complacent over bankers

Last summer, rioters made the headlines; this summer, it’s criminal bankers. David Cameron exhibited great zeal for punishing the one, so why not the other?

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