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South Africa’s election: a wake-up call for the ANC?


Whilst twenty years of democracy is an anniversary worth celebrating, it’s also a reminder that the struggle for equality is not over.

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Why are South African police mimicking white supremacists?

The sickening killing of 27 year old Mido Macia in South Africa this week brought to mind the white supremacist murders in the US which amounted to ‘lynchings’. This, together with the recent high profile rape and murder of Anene Booysen – and even the Oscar Pistorius case – point to a latent violence in the country that the government seems reluctant to tackle.

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The Marikana massacre: a search for the truth

The Marikana massacre resulted in the deaths of 69 protesters, allegations of corruption, and appalling behaviour from businesses.

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100 years of the ANC, Africa’s oldest liberation movement

Action for Souther Africa’s Tony Dykes looks at the history of the ANC, and wonders what the future holds for it.

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