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The left should be honest about CAGE and Moazzam Begg


Parts of the liberal left should be honest with the British people about their alliance with CAGE and Moazzam Begg. Now more than ever we must turn to Meredith Tax’s book ‘Double Bind: The Muslim Right, the Anglo-American Left, and Universal Human Rights’ for reference and moral clarity.

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Top ten US aid recipients all practice torture

The top ten recipients of US foreign assistance this year all practice torture and are responsible for major human rights abuses, reports Daniel Wickham.

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Putin launches ‘witch hunt’ against dissent

Repression, violation of human rights and legislation preventing freedom of expression have been the emblem of the regime of Vladimir Putin, Amnesty International has said in a new report.

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Amnesty International condemns coalition for assault on disabled

At its AGM on April 14 2013, Amnesty International UK passed a resolution on the Human Rights of sick and disabled people in the UK.

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Comment: When human rights organisations align with the far-right

A new book examines the mistakes made by the left in finding common cause with the islamic far-right.

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Syria: “They raised my toenails, stuck electrical wires under them and gave me electric shocks”

Syria: Amnesty International this morning revealed further, chilling details of life in Aleppo under the tyranny of Assad’s army thugs and Shabiha militia.

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The criminal war on journalism in Mexico

Mexico is now seen as the most dangerous country in the world to be a journalist, writes Donnacha DeLong, president of the National Union of Journalists.

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Syrian government uses hospitals against protesters

Alex Hern reports on the Syrian regime of despotic mass-murdering tyrant Bashar al-Assad sinking to a new low in the Arab spring.

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Fear of death: The ultimate injunction

There’s more than one way of muzzling the press; at least super-injunctions don’t imprison or kill, writes Amnesty International UK’s Mike Blakemore.

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We need to stop more than lethal injection drugs being exported from the UK

Oliver Sprague, Amnesty International UK Arms Programme Director, outlines the issues sorrunding UK export of fluids for lethal injections and the action the government should take.

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