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The Daily Mail: ‘Are we sorry we backed the Nazis?’

Steve Bell is on top form in today’s Guardian, and his latest cartoon requires no further comment from me.

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Chris Grayling is right, the BBC is biased. But not in the way he thinks

Another day, another baseless accusation of left-wing bias at the BBC.

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Telegraph readers would rather live in socialist France than in the UK

Where would Telegraph readers rather live – socialist France or coalition Britain?

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What a real ‘Benefits Street’ would look like

This is what a real ‘Benefits Street’ might look like.

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Steer clear of Russia Today if you are serious about human rights

So-called ‘alternative’ media should be viewed with no less scepticism than the mainstream.

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The man who wasn’t actually arrested for joking about Nelson Mandela

In a shocking disregard for freedom of expression, Neil Phillips from Rugeley, Staffordshire, was arrested last week after he made tasteless jokes about Nelson Mandela on the internet. Or was he?

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Why is a poppy ok on the BBC but not an AIDS ribbon?

Graham Norton’s AIDS ribbon reprimand proves the BBC should end its discriminatory favouring of the British Legion’s poppy.

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The Mail caught fibbing…again

The Daily Mail has been caught lying about Gordon Brown’s expenses.

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Sun apology: ‘No evidence’ of 600,000 benefit tourists, the paper now says

A few weeks ago the Sun ran a story which claimed that there were ’600,000 benefit tourists’ in the UK and that the European Union had said this was ‘no problem’. The Sun made it up.

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The Sun’s mealy-mouthed non apology for its ’1,200 mental patients’ headline

Tucked away in its ‘clarifications and corrections column today, the Sun has offered what looks like an apology for a distasteful and inaccurate headline two weeks ago.

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