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Is the Big Issue really being exploited by immigrants?


The Daily Mail cannot decide who to blame for Ed Miliband’s encounter with a begging child.

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The Independent editorial that would make Gove proud

Independent Edj

Why is the Independent faithfully reproducing Department for Education propaganda?

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David Cameron ‘significantly misrepresented’ statistics on foreign workers

David Cameron ncrj

In an article for the Daily Telegraph earlier this year, David Cameron ‘significantly misrepresented’ statistics about the number of British jobs going to foreign workers.

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Clinton aide accuses Nothern Ireland politicians of abysmal leadership

TweetA former aide has sparked controversy in saying that Northern Irish politicians, back some 20 years ago, displayed abysmal leadership A former senior aide to the Bill Clinton during his time in the White House has issued a damning indictment on the state of Northern Ireland’s politicians. Writing for the Irish Times to mark the […]

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The Daily Mail wants to start a culture war, apparently

Mail onlinej

The Daily Mail’s attempt to start a culture war appears to be unstoppable, even in the face of hard facts.

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When do we get a say over BBC Worldwide?

BBC Worldwide ncrj

There’s a big privatisation about to happen that you might not know about.

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No, Russia Today is not ‘just the same as’ the BBC

Question more, certainly. But be careful who’s asking the questions.

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Sections of the press are deliberately painting a false picture of social workers

Evening Standardj

Reading some of the media coverage of our child protection system, it would be easy to believe social workers enter the profession to cause harm.

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The real reasons the media didn’t cover Saturday’s anti-cuts march

Anti austerity marchj

Many have accused the BBC of ‘bias’ for failing to cover Saturday’s anti-austerity march which took place in Central London. So are they right?

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Yet another unfounded attack on the NHS by the right-wing press

NHS hospitalj

It’s absurd to the blame the NHS for such a sensitive, unresolved case.

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