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4 ideas to make our political system more democratic

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TweetThe Telegraph reported yesterday that a House of Commons committee has called for the abolition of the monarchy’s role in signing off new laws. The Political and Constitutional Reform committee said that the role of the monarchy in giving approval to new legislation was “arcane and complex”. The Queen and Prince Charles are still asked […]

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The postal vote increases turnout – so why would we want to scrap it?

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We should be focusing on getting as many people to cast a ballot, whether by mail or in person.

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UKIP: a history of cranks and oddballs

Godfrey bloomj

Donna Edmunds, a UKIP councillor and candidate in the European elections, has said that businesses should be able to refuse services to women and gay people. She isn’t the first UKIP candidate to court controversy.

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UKIP conference building received £3million European funding


The Riveria International Centre, where the UKIP conference is currently being held, was partly funded by a European Grant of £3m.

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Has Boris blunder handed Barclays £10m free advertising?

Boris bikesj

It appears the Mayor has presided over an almighty fiasco.

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Nick Clegg’s unashamedly pro-Europe stance deserves credit

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The Liberal Democrats have been the only party not to get dragged into silly debates about immigration numbers.

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Jeremy Hunt, next Tory leader?

Jeremy Huntj

A piece in today’s Guardian is touting Jeremy Hunt as a future Tory leader. Could it really be so?

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A Lib-Lab coalition should not be dismissed out of hand

Lib Lab coalitionj

The most likely scenario in 2015 is a hung-parliament. Policymakers should be considering how they deal with that reality.

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Now the ‘new politics’ is dead, what is the point of the Lib Dems?

Nick CleggJ

Here are some of the key pledges of Nick Clegg’s ‘new politics’ agenda which the party has dropped.

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CCHQ taking credit for Labour’s record on violent crime

The Tories are claiming credit for a fall in violent crime that mostly occurred under Labour.

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