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Censorship will not consign Jihadism to the dustbin of history

Our government’s lunge for censorship suggests a fear among both officialdom and elected representatives that our society cannot defend itself against bad ideas

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Disaffection with democracy and what political parties must do about it

Disaffection is a perennial problem for politics; the way democracy is understood contributes to that problem

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Alex Salmond’s oil predictions aren’t so slick after all

Has Alex Salmond wildly overestimated the part of oil in his independent utopia?

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Yes Scotland’s NHS scares and lies strategy

Yes Scotland ncrj

The Yes campaign has borrowed one of New Labour’s best tricks, and not in a good way.

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Don’t put it past Gove –the founder of Carphone Warehouse really could be the next chair of Ofsted


The Tory donor has his own academy chain and a financial interest in selling technology to schools: what could possibly go wrong?

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The Scottish referendum debate is doing the public an injustice

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Describing Scotland as being ‘captive’ or ‘oppressed’ is patronising and insulting to the entire country.

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Land-banking property owner gives Tories £300,000


A property developer that sits on land instead of building on it has given £300,000 to the Tories.

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The ‘ideologically obsessed zealot’ who ‘secretly’ raided £400m meant for school places: Gove owes us answers

Michael Gove ncrj

Labour has failed to sufficiently press Michael Gove over his raid of the basic need budget.

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Tories take £1.5 million from controversial hedge fund guru


A top hedge fund guru whose tax affairs have been scrutinised in the past has given £1.5 million to the Conservative Party, new figures from the Electoral Commission can reveal.

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The Maria Miller affair shows we need the right to recall MPs

Maria Miller non copyright 1j

Politics is not a one every five years business. Democracy shouldn’t be either.

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