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G20 leaders take small steps on corruption

The UK played a positive role in securing commitments from other countries, but this now needs to be translated into concrete and binding laws.

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Restricting strike action is Thatcherite nostalgia – it must be stopped

The Conservatives are planning to make strikes so restrictive they cross the boundary into an attack on fundamental civil liberties. We must stand up to them

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The Greens are likely to succeed in chipping away at Labour support

Worryingly, what the Greens have to offer is very appealing to Labour supporters like me

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UKIP is a threat to Labour – it needs a serious response

Tweet Many wrongly see UKIP as a net positive for Labour – this is wrongheaded. Labour needs to get serious about UKIP, says Sam Fowles.  Last week Nigel Farage announced his ambition, not just to be David Cameron’s “worst nightmare” but Ed Miliband’s as well. The general perception amongst the progressive media appears to be that UKIP’s […]

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Dogging or votes? We need change for political engagement

More people are dogging than are members of political parties: what a comment on modern politics

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The debate for Scotland gets ugly

With less than three weeks to go until polling day, the climate around Scotland’s referendum on independence has taken an ugly turn.

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The right is split – good news for the left

David Cameron, the Member for Brussels Central, has run out of ways to lie to his eurosceptic backbenchers – rejoice!

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Accepting Carswell with open arms is actually a massive risk for UKIP

It has gone unnoticed, but accepting a genuine libertarian who disregards party loyalists is actually a really bad move for UKIP

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Censorship will not consign Jihadism to the dustbin of history

Our government’s lunge for censorship suggests a fear among both officialdom and elected representatives that our society cannot defend itself against bad ideas

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Disaffection with democracy and what political parties must do about it

Disaffection is a perennial problem for politics; the way democracy is understood contributes to that problem

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