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Osborne’s U-turn on the Carbon Price Floor is the right move but now we have a coal problem

Carbon price floorj

The energy package today should be welcomed even if the chancellor is just unwinding his own flawed policy.

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Best songs of 2013

Left Foot Forward founder Will Straw picks his songs of 2013.

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City of London held back by problems with EU climate policy

The City of London’s status as the world’s capital of carbon trading and finance is being undermined by Conservative MEPs.

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A tale of two approaches to austerity

New data and projections from the OECD starkly portrays the differing approaches to austerity in the US and UK. The red line shows the US, the blue line shows the UK.

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Target to decarbonise power sector by 2030 could save every British family over £1,000

New analysis published today by the independent Committee on Climate Change shows that every family in Britain could save at least £1,131 and as much as £4,525 if the government adopted a target to decarbonise the power sector by 2030.

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UK recovery slowest ever

George Osborne has dodged a second bullet in a week. After learning that borrowing had fallen by a modest £300 million on Tuesday compared to last year, today we found out that a triple dip has been averted with meagre growth of 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of the year.

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Osborne dodges a bullet but debt continues to rise

Economic data is coming thick and fast. Sandwiched between last week’s poor unemployment data and Thursday’s forthcoming results for GDP in the first quarter of the year, public finance figures were published today. They show that George Osborne has dodged a bullet.

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Britain is falling behind on sales of electric vehicles

Around the world, governments are responding to the threat of man-made climate change and exposure to the costs of imported oil and gas by tightening regulations on vehicle emissions. And yet Britain is falling behind.

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Cameron’s EU charm offensive will fail

As well as pointing out the flaws in Cameron’s diplomatic strategy, pro-Europeans should embrace an agenda of reform where there is much greater likelihood of progress (and no need for a new treaty). This should include pro-growth and pro-democracy measures as set out in IPPR’s recent publication ‘Staying In’ as well as a closer look at EU rules on state aid, corporate tax avoidance, and access to welfare for intra-European migrants.

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The Budget barely scratches the surface of what’s required

George Osborne today made improving infrastructure one of the key planks of his strategy to compete in the “global race”. Any move in this direction is to be supported but the small print of the Budget, as so often, shows that his headline announcement today will barely scratch the surface of what the economy needs to get growing again.

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