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Britain needs more women engineers

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If Britain does not get more women engineers, parts of that industry will move overseas to where it can recruit the workers it needs.

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Too few people in Britain have a private pension

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Figures released today show that almost half the population aged below retirement age had no private pension savings in 2010-2012.

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Cutting the top rate of tax won’t help Britain win ‘the global race’

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It’s not clear how cutting the 45p tax rate to 40p, as suggested by Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne, would benefit Britain, writes Tony Dolphin.

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Increasing the higher rate tax threshold does not help middle-income earners


By far the biggest gainers from an increase in the 40p threshold are families in the top income decile.

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No need to increase interest rates while real earnings are falling

Any move now to increase interest rates might put the economic recovery at risk.

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Ring-fencing the NHS and schools is no longer viable

The chancellor went on the Today programme this morning to trumpet his success in getting seven government departments to agree on their budgets for 2015-16 as part of the Spending Review that he will announce on 26 June. It is reported that they have all agreed to cuts of between 8 and 10 per cent.

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December’s economic update

TweetTony Dolphin is the chief economist at the IPPR and a regular contributor to The Guardian and New Statesman. During the autumn statement last month, George Osborne claimed that the UK economy was slowly on the mend; however, the latest data indicates the opposite may be true, despite the economic expansion in the third quarter (Q3) of 2012. It is looking […]

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Happy New Year! And here’s the coalition outlook for 2013: grim with no plan for growth

IPPR’s Tony Dolphin offers his outlook for 2013 and damns the lack of vision on the part of the coalition’s economic plan for the year ahead.

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Osborne needs a new fiscal rule

Ahead of Wednesday’s autumn statement, IPPR chief economist Tony Dolphin argues now is the time for chancellor George Osborne to change his fiscal rules.

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We’re out of recession – but it’s too early to pop the champagne corks

The UK is out of the double-dip recession, which is good news – but it’s far too early to for the government to think we’re out of the woods.

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