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The message to Chuka Umunna and his shadow BIS team – be bold


Relying on short-term, low skill jobs to boost the economy is not the answer.

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TTIP free trade deal hit by fresh blow

TTIP2 ncrj

Momentum against TTIP is building on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Bundesbank calls for higher wages across Eurozone

The call follows a raft of recent reports highlighting inequality as a threat to the global economy.

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A victory for the left as Germany adopts minimum wage


On July 3, Germany moved towards introducing a legally binding national minimum wage set at €8.5 an hour.

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Advanced manufacturing must play a major role in growing and rebalancing the economy


A review of manufacturing commissioned by Labour says the UK needs to avoid damaging economic short-termism.

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Globalisation is taking its toll on workers rights

Workers rightsj

According to a new report, the UK falls within the category of nations where people’s workplace rights are regularly violated.

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Euro Unions demand: end austerity and put industry back to work

Trade unions austerityj

European manufacturing and industrial unions met in Madrid this week at a specially convened conference to discuss the crisis in European industry.

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According to George Osborne, a UK manufacturing resurgence is still not on the cards


Yesterday’s Budget did little to convince Unite and our members employed in manufacturing that the government has set a course to re-balance the UK economy.

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Budget 2014: The government is sitting on its hands instead of supporting British industry

George Osborne 3-1j

Even with the car industry motoring ahead in investment and creating jobs, manufacturing employment is barely higher than three years previously.

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Manufacturing jobs may be coming back to Britain


Moving production to low cost countries – costing thousands of skilled manufacturing jobs – may be going into reverse.

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