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Manufacturing suffers another setback on Osborne’s watch

George Osborne ncrj

The UK is still over-reliant for growth on inflated house prices and low paid jobs.

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Row over CETA free trade deal escalates


The row between Canada and Germany over the future of the stalled CETA free trade deal rumbles on after Germany said it wanted to re-open the talks.

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Venezuelan Socialist Party MP Robert Serra assassinated

Robert Serraj

A legislator of the governing United Socialist Party Of Venezuela was found dead yesterday.

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The message to Chuka Umunna and his shadow BIS team – be bold


Relying on short-term, low skill jobs to boost the economy is not the answer.

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TTIP free trade deal hit by fresh blow

TTIP2 ncrj

Momentum against TTIP is building on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Bundesbank calls for higher wages across Eurozone

The call follows a raft of recent reports highlighting inequality as a threat to the global economy.

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A victory for the left as Germany adopts minimum wage


On July 3, Germany moved towards introducing a legally binding national minimum wage set at €8.5 an hour.

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Advanced manufacturing must play a major role in growing and rebalancing the economy


A review of manufacturing commissioned by Labour says the UK needs to avoid damaging economic short-termism.

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Globalisation is taking its toll on workers rights

Workers rightsj

According to a new report, the UK falls within the category of nations where people’s workplace rights are regularly violated.

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Euro Unions demand: end austerity and put industry back to work

Trade unions austerityj

European manufacturing and industrial unions met in Madrid this week at a specially convened conference to discuss the crisis in European industry.

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