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‘Sport has the power to change the world’. Madiba’s sporting legacy

Shamik Das looks at Nelson Mandela’s sporting legacy, and the role rugby, cricket and football played in the years following Apartheid.

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Olympic Legacy: Twelve months on, is the sun still shining on Stratford?

Twelve months on from the London 2012 Olympics, Shamik Das looks at the legacy for Stratford and the surrounding areas.

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Deadlock in Italy as Grillo, Bersani and Berlusconi share the spoils

Uncertainty, fear and bewilderment stalk the streets of Italy following an election in which the system failed to produce outright winners, reports Shamik Das.

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Labour can learn from the success of Italy’s centre-left primaries

In his latest report from the Italian elections, Shamik Das looks at the success of Partito Democratico’s primaries, a model Labour might consider emulating.

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Beppe Grillo: The demagogic comedian who could be Italy’s kingmaker

A look at the Beppe Grillo phenomenon, with the comedian & founder of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement set to play kingmaker in the Italian elections.

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Look Left – Hunt’s Lewishambles, the looming triple-dip, and more SNP referendum woe

Shamik Das looks back at the week’s politics, including our progressive, regressive and evidence of the week.

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Syria: Cameron presses China and Russia; $1.5bn pledged for UN aid operation; more horror in Aleppo

David Cameron today pressed China and Russia to act on Syria as $1.5bn was pledged for the UN aid operation and more unspeakable horror was uncovered in Aleppo.

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UK youth unemployment third worst in OECD – what are the lessons to be learnt?

The UK has the third worst level of youth unemployment in the OECD, with only crisis-hit Greece and Spain having higher levels, a new report out today reveals.

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Britain set to send “sizeable amount” of troops to back France as Mali donor conference opens

David Cameron has said Britain is prepared to send a “sizeable amount” of troops in support of French forces battling Islamist militias in Mali.

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Watch: “Lying, thieving, b******s”… Whistleblower reveals sick views of Work Programme contractors

Disabled and jobless people were referred to as “lying, thieving, bastards” by a major Work Programme contractor, the BBC’s Panorama revealed last night.

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