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Recruit, retain, inspire: The lessons of the Ohio campaign for the UK

Sam Bacon presents a first-hand account of what was done on the ground in Ohio to win the key swing state and thus the election for President Barack Obama.

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We must ensure the government plays its part in eradicating Polio

World Polio Day this year sees us closer than ever to eradicating Polio – we must ensure the UK government plays its part, writes Sam Bacon.

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The Lords anti-0.7% report is misguided, misleading and out of touch

The Global Poverty Project’s Sam Bacon takes apart today’s House of Lords report which called for the scrapping of the 0.7 per cent GNI aid target.

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International development: The UK’s most popular ‘unpopular policy’

Sam Bacon, of the Global Poverty Project, urges the chancellor to commit to the 0.7 per cent target of UK GNI to be spent on international development.

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Is the London-centric media blogosphere stifling opportunity?

There is a fundamental problem at the heart of politics: inequality of opportunity, writes Sam Bacon, regions officer for the Young Fabians.

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D-Day for councils as Pickles wields the axe

Today is D-Day for many of us, though it’s likely you may not have known it – today is the day councils in England find out how much (or how little) money they are going to be able to spend in the next two years.

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Listening to Migrationwatch would imperil our economy

The problem with politics is it’s complicated. Take the issue raised this week by Sir Andrew Green in his ConervativeHome article on immigration. In making his argument about reducing immigration, Green carelessly glossed over some staggeringly complex arguments about what the current and future shape of the UK economy should be.

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