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Labour is not losing support because left-wing policies are unpopular: it’s losing support because they are

Ed Miliband no copyrightj

If Labour wants to reverse its declining poll ratings, it shouldn’t be trying to fight the Tories for the centre-right ground.

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Labour has betrayed its supporters on the welfare cap

TweetThe Tory austerity drive – bound up as it is in the barefaced lie that Britain was brought low in 2008 by benefit scroungers and not reckless bankers – was never about fixing the economy. It was about shrinking the state. As such, it was hardly surprising to see Cameron’s Etonian class warriors lining up […]

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As long as Labour believes it can take working class voters for granted, nothing will change

Salman Shaheen, a member of Left Unity’s national co-ordinating group, replies to Left Foot Forward editor James Bloodworth, who wrote a piece for the Guardian yesterday in which he argued that the left should stick with the Labour Party.

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Owen Jones calls on the left to unite against austerity

Chavs author, Independent writer and Labour activist Owen Jones talked to Salman Shaheen about the People’s Assembly and the prospects for resistance to austerity

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Did Thatcher make Britain a more selfish country?

It is a curious irony that, with the death of Margaret Thatcher and the release of Ken Loach’s The Spirit of ’45, the two great ideological consensuses of the 20th century should return to sharp focus at the same time.

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How about we stick Cameron’s entire cabinet on £53 a week

Sticking Cameron’s cabinet on £53 a week would in itself be a stunt. But in the age of rich public school boys being parachuted into safe seats without having any experience of life outside Westminster – the struggle for jobs and daily budgets far more demanding than anything Osborne has had to get his head around – it might just be a necessary wakeup call.

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Boris Johnson: fears of a clown

The press needs to focus less on Boris the man and more on Boris the Mayor.

If Boris’s case proves anything it is that clownery, like charisma, can prove all too neat a distraction from a politician’s record in office and their policies. This is a dangerous trap for the media and the electorate to fall into.

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Osborne may need to rethink anti-tax avoidance measures

Previously describing tax avoidance as “morally repugnant”, Osborne has commendably acknowledged the extent of the problem as a drain on public finances. Unfortunately the key weapon in Osborne’s arsenal to tackle the problem – the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) – is far too narrow to prevent the major headline-grabbing schemes which have emerged in recent months.

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Britain will be left behind if it doesn’t support the financial transaction tax

It’s time Britain joined the other major economies of Europe in introducing the Financial Transactions Tax to help pay down the deficit. The other option is to continue to cripple its poorest citizens.

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Comment: Greens solidify their reputation as the only real alternative to Labour

At the weekend, the Green Party took a formal step forward to solidify that position, as their spring conference in Nottingham voted with a majority of 71% to amend its constitution to commit to social justice and the “transformation of society for the benefit of the many not the few”. Their constitutional amendment should help strengthen their position as the only significant party to the left of Labour.

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