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Trade unionists around the world should lend their voices to the resistance of the Turkish people

At noon today the 240,000 member strong Turkish Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (KESK) began a two day strike in response to “state terror implemented against mass protests across the country” in what may prove to be a significant development for the brave and burgeoning protest movement triggered by #occupygezi.

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Austerity knows no bounds in Greece

While last week’s announcement that Greece entered deflation for the first time in 45 years was not entirely unpredicted, the case put forward by the Troika for slashing wages and dismantling the country’s industrial relations system should be challenged.

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Comment: Qatar 2022: There should be no World Cup without workers’ rights

Following the Emir of Qatar’s visit to Britain last week, Ruwan Subasinghe shines a light on the 2022 World Cup host’s appalling record on workers’ rights.

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How lawful is a General Strike?

In the wake of the October 20th protest, Ruwan Subasinghe discusses the legality of a General Strike.

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Comment: Cricketers must act against the international calendar’s effects on their health

Players need to speak out against the absurdity of the current international calendar with a view to protecting their own financial interests and health.

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Unions and Occupy continue to build their wary alliance

Occupy’s willingness to engage with, support, and be supported by establishment forces such as trade unions has shed some light on its dynamic persona.

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Billionaires v millionaires maybe, but the NBA players’ resolve is amazing

Ruwan Subansinghe runs through the amazing saga that is the NBA players strike.

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The coalition is failing to tackle youth unemployment

Ruwan Subasinghe writes about the opportunities for David Miliband in tackling youth unemployment, even as the coalition cuts crucial programs which help.

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The NUJ is the solution to the sickness at News International

TweetRuwan Subasinghe is a lawyer at an international trade union federation If bankers and politicians previously headed the public’s vilification rankings, journalists (and their employers) are now right up there thanks to hackgate. Many commentators have highlighted British journalism’s current ‘moral vacuum’ and offered possible remedies in the form of regulation and legislation. However, as a […]

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Celebrating the influence of player unions in US sport

While the micro management model of the Packers’ franchise and the macro management model of the NFL should rightly be praised, the influence of player unions in US sport should also be celebrated, writes Ruwan Subasinghe.

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