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Large and growing gender gap in support for the coalition

Research by Populus has revealed that female voters are far less supportive of the coalition government across a range of topics, compared to male voters.

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Wilkinson clashes swords with his detractors in spirited debate on inequality

As Left Foot Forward reported on Monday, several recent publications have challenged the central conclusion of the book that more unequal societies do worse than more equal societies, on a variety of social outcomes.

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London Mayoral race: “Battle for the soul of the Labour party”

Oona King and Ken Livingstone last night clashed on substantial ‘Old Labour’ v ‘New Labour’ territory.

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Competition law to be introduced to the NHS

More details from the NHS white paper are emerging on the extent of marketisation and the role of competition that the coalition is planning to introduce.

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Evidence that second preferences benefit Ed Miliband

As the Labour Leadership race gathers pace evidence is emerging that the alternative vote system is favouring Ed Miliband.

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Labour leadership: Candidates’ differences become clearer

Distance between the candidates for the Labour leadership is beginning to open up on a range of issues as the they seek to differentiate themselves from one another.

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McFadden: Labour must remain credible on the economy

Shadow business secretary Pat McFadden today made a speech to the Fabian society urging Labour not to retreat to default “opposition mode” in opposing all cuts.

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Gove questioned again on school building

Michael Gove continued to face questions today following the error-ridden announcement last week that the Building Schools for the Future programme would be ended.

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