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Cutting the minimum wage won’t be what boosts growth

At a time when the mainstream political discourse seems preoccupied with boosting low pay, living wages and a citizens income it seems odd that the Conservatives would float the idea of reducing the National Minimum Wage. As many have rushed to point out, most evidence suggests that it boosts growth, putting money in the pockets of those most likely to spend

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Housing: How renting became the new norm

Richard Bassford looks at how renting became the new norm in the UK housing sector.

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Comment: Fairness in 2013

With ‘fairness’ representing a significant trend in last year’s political rhetoric and debate, Richard Bassford looks at whether this will continue into 2013.

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Comment: Apathy is not solely to blame for last week’s dismal turnouts

After the historic low turnout of the PCC elections, Richard Bassford looks at what was to blame and what must be done.

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Comment: The Living Wage is another small step towards a Responsible Capitalism

Richard Bassford looks at what the the Living Wage means and how it can push us towards the “responsible capitalism” our party leaders love to talk about.

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GDP figures: It’s not just about growth per se but the type of growth

A return to growth is by itself not sufficient; of equal concern is the type of growth the economy is generating.

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Lab 2012: The policies to bring Miliband’s One Nation vision to fruition

Richard Bassford reports on some of the policies underpinning Ed Miliband’s One Nation vision.

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Lab 2012: Predistribution: A primer

A look at the rise of a crucial part of Ed Miliband’s vision for the future of the Labour party – predistribution – and how it may spell the end of New Labour.

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