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Joining A Future that Works – full details of Saturday’s march

Here are the details of the logistical arrangements for anyone wishing to join Saturday’s “A Future that Works” march, by the TUC’s Nigel Stanley.

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The IFS is feeding the trolls what they want to hear on pensions

Nigel Stanley assess the IFS’ green budget report, and finds that they are understating the effect of pension changes.

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Public sector pensions no more gold-plated than those in private sector

Nigel Stanley lays out the details on the difference between public and private sector pensions, and shows that like for like, they aren’t that different.

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More evidence Gideon’s savage attack on public sector pensions will hit women hardest

Government assurances that changes to public sector pensions will protect low-paid public sector workers earning less than £15,000 a year are wrong.

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Joining the March for the Alternative

The TUC’s Head of Campaigns and Communications Nigel Stanley explains how to join and prepare for the March for the Alternative tomorrow, Saturday, March 26th.

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Fighting the cuts: The false choice between networks and organisation

It is a mistake to set up a false choice between network and organisation; instead we should recognise that each has their strengths and weaknesses.

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Problems remain for the government over pensions reform

So far we have few details, and all that has been confirmed by the Department for Work and Pensions is that there will be a green paper – the most tentative form of government policy statement – before Christmas.

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Thousands to rally against coalition’s cuts on eve of spending review

Thousands will today join a Westminster rally against the deep and rapid spending cuts to be announced in tomorrow’s comprehensive spending review.

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Hutton’s pensions report: Much to welcome – but also much to fear

John Hutton’s report on public service pensions raises as many questions as it answers – his interim report is about the big picture, not the detail.

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The real “squeezed middle”

In his leader’s speech tomorrow Ed Miliband is expected to announce his intention to reach out to Britain’s struggling middle classes.

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