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Report suggests cost of current public sector pension schemes is affordable

Naomi Cooke, GMB National Pensions Officer, reports on the publication yesterday of the public accounts committee’s report on public sector pensions.

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Hutton’s pensions failure condemns millions to poverty in retirement

By ignoring the issue of affordability to workers Lord Hutton’s recommendations are fatally flawed, writes Naomi Cooke, the GMB’s National Pensions Officer.

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The papers get it wrong on pensions; here are the facts

There has been widespread misrepresentation of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) in today’s newspapers, writes Naomi Cooke, National Pensions Officer for the GMB trade union.

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Tax on pension saving threatens more than just 2m local govt workers

Naomi Cooke argues that the coalition’s tax on pension savings is arbitary policy making at its worst.

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Wielding the axe on pensions will cost country dear

As the CBI makes another attempt to undermine public sector pensions hot on the heels on the 3 Chancellors, will anyone benefit from all these proposed cuts?

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