Corporation tax rates in the G7; source: Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation

The madness of more of the same

The gravest global economic crisis since the 1930s was clearly a crisis of the private sector – yet it is the public sector which is getting the blame and must be cut.

Public net debt: UK public spending from 1900 to 2011

The Daily Mail are debt dunces

Michael Burke discusses how the coalition’s economic policies represent a transfer of income from poor to rich, and how the Daily Mail are deficit dunces.

A fistful of fifties

What could be done with £7.5bn?

Alan Johnson yesterday set out plans for taxes on banks & banking which he says will raise £7.5bn by the end of the Parliament, but what should he spend it on?

The difference between the UK

The source of the deficit

There are innumerable claims from the Coalition government and its supporters that the source of the public sector deficit is Labour’s over-spending. But one graph, on the Treasury’s own website, demonstrates that assertion is untrue.