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Don’t let the President of Azerbaijan use Eurovision to airbrush his record

We’re hoping #guiltfreeEurovision & will trend on the evening of Eurovision, writes Mike Harris, Head of Advocacy at Index on Censorship.

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Unions jump the shark over Clarkson

Free speech campaigner Councillor Michael Harris explains why it is wrong to arrest far-right Tory Jeremy Clarkson for his sickening anti-trade union rant.

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Despite Mosley’s court defeat, press freedom remains under attack

Michael Harris, public affairs manager for free speech charity Index on Censorship, looks at the latest threats to press freedom.

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Labour needs to take a look in the mirror on civil liberties

Follwing Nick Clegg’s speech on control orders earlier today, Councillor Mike Harris discusses how Labour got it so wrong on civil liberties.

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The CPS, judiciary and Yasmin Alibhai Brown just don’t get Twitter

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is well remunerated to exercise her opinions every week in her Independent column. Her free expression keeps a roof over her head, so you’d expect her to be forgiving when others exercise their rights. Sadly not. Whilst she didn’t call the police about Cllr Compton, she says she would have done so, and has backed up the CPS position that these tweets are “menacing”.

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Woolas represents toxic Labour: but he shouldn’t be barred from standing again

The Woolas case raise an interesting question for the Labour party: if the electorate become hostile to civil liberties, should we? Michael Harris examines the issue.

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Ed’s detoxification of Blair-Brown authoritarianism welcome news

Ed Miliband’s leadership speech was a strident attempt to detoxify the Labour brand from the widely perceived authoritarianism of the Blair–Brown years.

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New Bill will drag libel laws from the 19th century into the 21st

Lord Lester, the architect of the Human Rights Act, has tabled a Private Members’ Bill in the House of Lords to systematically reform English libel law.

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Coalition must reform libel laws, not just “review”

Yesterday the new coalition government announced it is to “review libel laws to protect freedom of speech” as part of a welcome and much-needed package.

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Libel campaigners welcome select committee report as a “good defence of quality journalism”

The Libel Reform Campaign has welcomed today’s media select committee report as “a great starting point to ensure an unprecedented overhaul of our libel laws”.

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