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Paul Ryan could be the worst thing to happen to Mitt Romney

Obama’s campaign has been a highly effective data-driven take down of their Republican opposition. The Ryan choice will turbo-charge that attack strategy.

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Supreme Court ‘Obamacare’ judgement: Where does it leave America now?

Marcus Roberts analyses the political implications of today’s Supreme Court judgement on Obamacare for the President, his challenger and the country.

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Politics vs Economics: setting the scene for the Fabian’s Next Economy conference

Marcus Roberts looks at what happens when the ‘political reality’ prevents you from doing what is actually best

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After Iowa: Bloodied Romney on course for nomination as Obama smiles

Mitt Romney emerged bloodied with an Iowa caucus win of just eight votes over Rick Santorum this morning – the tightest finish in the party’s history.

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Nomination for most influential left-wing thinker 2010/11: Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband is changing the way the Labour Party thinks about its very purpose – its ends as well as its means. Such a profound shift makes him a candidate for left-wing thinker of the year.

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Where does NATO, Cameron, and the West stand after the Libyan intervention?

Cameron, Sarkozy, Clinton and Liberal Interventionism have been vindicated. Bob Gates and Merkel have been diminished.

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Libya has a become a mortal test of liberal interventionism

The United Nations Security Council last night voted to authorise the imposition of a no fly zone and supporting military action in defence of the Libyan people.

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If the West doesn’t act, Gaddafi will massacre the rebels

The alternative to military action to take out Gaddafi is to stand aside and watch as the tyrant perpetrates a massacre of his own people and Libya risks collapsing into a failed state.

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UN should authorise NATO and Egypt to enforce Libyan ‘No Fly Zone’ to protect civilians

In the wake of reported air attacks on civilian crowds by the Libyan airforce, former Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen has called on the UN Security Council to immediately meet in emergency session and authorise a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Libya.

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Predict how many seats the Lib Dems can win

The Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election seems to have created many questions; to help answer them we present the Liberal Democrats General Election Predictor.

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