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‘Presumed consent’ is illiberal and unnecessary

Presumed consent is illiberal and unnecessary and the ends do not justify the means – especially when there is a better way of ensuring we get more donor organs to save lives.

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Tory spin on coal masks fact that 80 per cent of coal jobs were lost under Thatcher

Amid the concerted attempts to reinvent the Thatcher years in recent days, an intriguing, counter-intuitive claim has been doing the rounds that rather than being the enemy of coal mining Margaret Thatcher was actually kinder to the industry than previous governments.

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Given some of the other rogues that got one, we should have given Thatcher a state funeral

Considering so many divisive and controversial figures have in the past received a state funeral, why deny Margaret Thatcher one?

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Pope Francis: the man who catches the bus and cooks his own meals

The optimism invested in Pope Francis, the 266th holder of the office since St. Peter, was apparent on our television screens last night as pilgrims from all corners of the world – Black and White, rich and poor, European, African, Asian, North and South American – crammed into St. Peter’s Square to hear his first words.

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City Deal announcement is welcome, but questions over accountability remain

The government’s City Deals initiative should be welcomed, but questions remain about accountability.

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Is liberation theology about to make a comeback with the next pope?

The frontrunner to be the next pope has criticised neo-liberalism and called on the rich world to do more to help the poor.

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Far-right targeting Irish in Liverpool

The far-right are targeting the Irish community in Liverpool.

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Hundreds of families in Osborne’s own constituency set to lose out with ‘bedroom tax’

Hundreds of social housing tenants in George Osborne’s own Tatton constituency are set to be hit by the so-called “bedroom tax”, reports Kevin Meagher.

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Comment: So the BNP’s going out of business? Be careful what you wish for

It is better to have the BNP in politics than to have their supporters outside the process, becoming ever more violent and disengaged, writes Kevin Meagher.

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Hezza set to launch Greater Birmingham Project – but will Cameron and co. back him up?

Lord Heseltine will launch the Greater Birmingham Project today – but the question is, will the government actually back him up?

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