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Affordable childcare rather than tax cuts would better help struggling families

Affordable childcare rather than the raising of the personal allowance would better help struggling families, writes IPPR’s Kayte Lawton.

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Fiscal arithmetic of the next spending review cannot be avoided

Kayte Lawton outlInes the cuts that are expected in the upcoming spending review by George Osborne and the problems facing all parties to gain election in 2015.

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The private sector is the real source of unfair pay

Will Hutton’s interim report on fair pay in the public sector, published yesterday, is packed with statistics illustrating what has happened to public sector pay over recent years. Importantly, it places these trends squarely in the context of earnings in the private sector.

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Spending review will weaken work incentives

The spending review has further weakened work incentives and the financial support that working families really need, reports ippr’s Kayte Lawton.

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IDS welfare reforms won’t provide the support needed to escape poverty

Ian Duncan Smith’s first speech as work and pensions secretary, was an impassioned call to eradicate poverty, primarily by improving work incentives.

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Lib Dem minimum wage plans make sense in long run

Last week’s election manifesto from the Liberal Democrats contained a proposal to “set the minimum wage at the same level for all workers over 16”.

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