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A living wage for fast food: BFAWU leaders speak out

Inspired by mass organisation in the US, UK fast food workers are beginning to mobilise for a better pay deal

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Gove may be gone, but his legacy is in safe hands

Gove is gone but his legacy is in safe hands.

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Grangemouth – a case of the bosses going on strike

The debate about public vs private ownership will not disappear while Grangemouth’s fate hangs in the balance.

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Unite bus tour brings love for the NHS and a defiant message to government ministers

The Unite Union’s two week bus tour ended defiantly in Manchester on Friday with a party in the park to mark the 65th birthday of the NHS.

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Blacklisted workers deserve a larger audience than is currently being granted

The image of union activist George Tapp lying on a Manchester road with two broken legs and blood pouring from his head following a vicious hit and run during an anti-blacklist demonstration last week has shocked many.

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When did it become taboo to protest against fascists?

The Di Canio incident has underlined the need to step up campaigning against fascism, whether in uncovering extremists in the world of sport or entertainment as well as far-right political movements.

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Construction workers may still be being blacklisted

There was a protest on thursday against the blacklisting of workers and some fear the practice may still be going on.

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Comment: Hazard, ballboys and the Twitter hate mob

John Millington writes about the response to the Eden Hazard ballboy incident.

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Blacklisting: Calls grow for a full investigation and inquiry

Chuka Umunna called for a government investigation into blacklisting today, following new evidence put forward by Sir Robert McAlpine director Cullum McAlpine.

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Comment: The sex industry – what is to be done?

John Millington writes for Left Foot Forward on the arguments surrounding the sex industry, unionisation, women’s rights and the impact on gender roles.

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