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I have a right to know if my pension is being invested unethically


A basic tenet of responsible capitalism is that savers should be able to find out where their money is invested.

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There is no evidence that migrants are under-cutting the wages of British workers


We need to apportion blame to the bosses and their business models, rather than scapegoating one group of workers.

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Labour’s policies for improving schools seem conspicuously absent

School pic

Labour needs to set out a clear vision for dealing with the problems described by Ofsted.

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Ignore Farage and worry about the real breastfeeding scandal

Breastfeeding ncr

Breastfeeding rates are low in Britain and the mothers who are least likely to breastfeed are the poorest and least supported.

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Why our government must be more generous with Syrian refugees

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Support for the Syrian Resettlement Programme is one small act that the government could take to show that compassion is a core British value.

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Migrants come to the UK to find jobs, not to claim benefits

Theresa May no copyrightj

Until there is concerted action to revive the failing economies of southern and eastern Europe, there is little hope that the government’s net migration target will be met.

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Rochester’s concerns about immigration are bound up with failing public services


For the residents of Rochester, addressing their concerns about living standards, schools and healthcare would go a long way to dampening their worries about immigration.

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The government’s A-Level mess is starting to hit home

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The loss of AS-Levels is a regressive move that will impact social mobility as well as education.

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Labour’s new immigration policy: more moderate voices needed


The complex views of the majority on immigration are not always easily represented in opinion polls.

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Tax havens are syphoning money away from our public services


We need to show our anger about greedy corporates depriving our public services of investment.

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