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Green jobs: are they really too good to be true?

A summary of why it seems like green investment and jobs could solve all (ok, almost all) our problems.

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A raise in minimum wage is welcome, but it’s not the best we can do

Ed Miliband’s pledge to “strengthen” the minimum wage in certain sectors is a step in the right direction, but it’s not the most effective way to reduce inequality.

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Government projections fall short of climate change targets

This week’s release of new ‘Energy and Emissions Projections’ from the government highlights some major concerns with the UK’s electricity policies.

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We have everything to gain from a green economy, and a generation to lose if we abandon it

UK Youth Climate Coalition’s Adam Dyster argues that we have everything to gain with a sustainable and green economy.

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Opinion: “Man-up” – The need for feminists to tackle the crisis in masculinity

The new wave of feminism in the UK needs to pay attention to the increasing crisis in masculinity, argues Siobhan Bligh.

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Green Economy: the what, why and how

wind turbine

In advance of a Left Foot Forward event on green growth, Professor Paul Ekins outlines the path to a flourishing green economy.

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The Daily Telegraph is right about sex education

The Daily Telegraph’s ‘Better Sex Education campaign’, aims to update the way sex education is taught in schools to include reference to the internet.

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Kenya votes to leave the International Criminal Court, but what does this mean for the ICC?

TweetCalum Young is studying for a masters in European Law at the University of Leiden, having previously studied both Law and German. Due to the developing crisis in Syria over the use of chemical weapons, it has been suggested in some quarters that one solution could be to refer Assad to the International Criminal Court […]

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Assad’s transformation from potential knight to villain in the eyes of the West

Britain’s view of President Assad has transformed over the years, but the West still hasn’t learnt lessons about supporting dictators around the world.

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Breaking Barriers: overcoming the barriers disadvantaged families face to engaging with children’s centres

TweetLaura Rodrigues is Policy Officer for The Children’s Society The creation of Sure Start children’s centres to provide a local hub of integrated services and support for families with young children, was one of the most inventive and far-reaching government initiatives of the last twenty years. At The Children’s Society  we currently provide over 40 […]

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