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Free speech is a right, but a platform is not

oxford cc

The OSFL debate is not about censorship, but about our right to express dissatisfaction about an event happening at our university.

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How to make our ambulance service the best in the world

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The ambulance service in the UK is one of the best in the world, unfortunately it has been taken for granted.

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ISIS: Beyond bombs and missiles – a call to mobilize civilian society

Iraq ncrj

What about investing in families over boots on the ground?

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UKIP is a threat to Labour – it needs a serious response

Tweet Many wrongly see UKIP as a net positive for Labour – this is wrongheaded. Labour needs to get serious about UKIP, says Sam Fowles.  Last week Nigel Farage announced his ambition, not just to be David Cameron’s “worst nightmare” but Ed Miliband’s as well. The general perception amongst the progressive media appears to be that UKIP’s […]

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The nonsense of shareholder ownership: what we should know

Neoliberals claim that shareholders are the owners of companies. This is nonsense, argues Austin Mitchell MP and Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting, University of Essex

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Government treatment of non-dependants: the scandal of poverty wages

Thomas Stephens explains how the Coalition are doing nothing to address poverty wages while hurting non-dependants hard

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‘I was the victim of a grooming gang': a personal story

Helen, who remains anonymous, discusses her experiences as the victim of a grooming gang

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Zero hour contracts need to be addressed in the new Care Act

Hundreds of thousands of workers across the British economy are being offered absolutely no protection, and no guaranteed hours, but concern is absent in the new Care Act

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The Left must confront its unintentional anti-Semitism

While the aims of many pro-Palestinian campaigners are admirable, the left must look at the wider context of Israel and Palestine today

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Why we need to think again about suicide since Robin Williams’ death

Taking your own life is not easy. I know I’ve tried, and obviously failed. When you commit suicide you haven’t lost a battle with depression or illness or whatever it maybe. No, you have won – you have taken the final step away from an insoluble problem.

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