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Digital Economy Bill: the final instalment

With the third reading of the Digital Economy Bill in the House of Lords, the Bill is now looking like a home run in its present form.

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Digital Britain: the Cameron edition

The Digital Economy Bill would have been an ideal way for the Tories to differ from Labour; instead, Conservative peers have helped make a bad bill even worse.

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Digital Economy Bill: From bad to worse

Liberal Democrat and Conservative peers seeks to bring into the bill an internet infrastructure similar to that currently enjoyed in authoritarian countries.

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Is technology really good for human rights?

Is technology really good for human rights? This is the question that a selection of experts debated yesterday evening at Amnesty International’s London office.

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BBC vs. The newspaper industry – mobile edition

The Independent captured the wrath of the Newspaper Publishers Association following the BBC’s announcement of mobile applications at the Mobile World Congress.

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Darling’s broadband policy: too slow, too little and too late

TweetThe Chancellor’s announcement of a 50p duty for broadband was no surprise since it echoed earlier Government decisions on universal broadband. But the policy is beset by a number of problems including speed, cost, and timing. First, the use of the word “super-fast” in the Chancellor’s speech is inaccurate since the proposed speed of 2 […]

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